Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WebComic Review: Skinny Panda By THE PHIL

SKINNY PANDA is webcomic drawn and written by The Phil, it was started on 10/14/99. The comic circles the not so happy life of a Panda that is way to generous to everybody and is always busy whether its in his dreams or reality life, but for some unfortunate reason he's always unhappy. The Comic has been produced in black and white for ten years up until recently the artist started to dabble with some colors which is really overdue(I Think!) it works really nice with the sketchy rendering of the comic. I enjoy the way he presents every strip as apart of a series of ongoing episodes and he also titles them individually, which also makes it a quirkier read in some cases. It's quite the funny, quick and catchy read for young and old imaginations and ages. ENJOY!!!!!

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