Monday, December 20, 2010

This is the advent calendar addition to my corporal punishment series that was all done in one weekend as part of my promotional packets addressed to 25 desirable magazine companies. The process turned out pretty cool aside from my throbbing fingers after completing 25 calenders, at approximately 3 cuts per opening, 10 openings on the calender, equaling out to 750 cuts with an ex-acto in one night I was happy to finish them all without adding my flesh to the estimated amount of cuts. If you don't already know the characters posted earlier are exposing what goes on behind closed doors when corporal punishment is a factor in schools.


CRYBABY!.... Take it from me squatting against a wall for nearly an hour to 30 mins is no joke. I can't remember which teacher made me do this, but believe me I hated you right then, even though I'm quite sure I deserved it.
Let go her ear you bully....!
Ha! ha! ha! somebody's gett'n a SPANKING.
I have to put my nose in this?, but what about my lungs?
AH CHU! AH CHU! "I hate clapping these stupid erasers."
Man....! WE had the same thing last friday.
Thats gotta Hurt......
It's taking 4ever for the clock to reach 3:00p.m. What's the deal?

Sunday, December 12, 2010


My computer has a new look and new friends that stick around way to much if you ask me, but I like um. They are good kids... sometimes.

The first I've ever done, here's a bundle of character stickers, taken from a series I've been working on about corporal punishment. THE next batch in progress will be called rib stickers, with an entirely new subject matter that I'll leave a mystery for now, so if you like these stick around or hang... whatever is your preference.
This Guy was designed as the original selection of my weird characters for my promotional packets postcard, however there was a change in plans and more drawings where made to choose from. Needless to say he is still a favorite.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Doodle Day's 1st batch of doodlings

Of the day I declared doodle day these are the first batch of aimless doodles I completed, focusing on just putting done more ink and not being as careful as I'd normally be while inking, These guys were just for fun and more fun. So there you have it, some of these guys actually have great form and happy mistakes as our late friend Mr. Bob Ross would say. I'll try an keep doing these on Sundays for practice purposes. All of these aimless doodled characters still remain the property of MINE, Devin D. Taylor and should not be taken and or used from this blog without my permission. Thanks!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Super Hero: Reverend Al Sharpton

After I started drawing this guy he kinda sort of started to resemble Reverend Al Sharpton, which I thought was funny so I had to post it..... Or Is it just me? I think The Reverend will make a pretty decent hero of many opinions.

Here's a touch of my quick doggie sketches rendered in pen and ink, just for fun i give you some of our coolest best friends, droolers, and entertainer all together in the Coton-de-tulear, Commodore, and Irish Water Spaniel.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Clouds on the move...

Ever so often I find things in the clouds that causes my imagination to go frenzy and apparently the night I did these sketches this was the case. Being that my Illustrations/Art are inspired by the trillions of little and big shapes around us these nightly clouds were all casting some pretty amazing forms of their own so I took them up on a challenge and grabbed a small stack of xerox paper and went for it. Unfortunately these guys had places to be and things to see, so they didn't hang around much time. However it was fun while it lasted and I manage to crank out a couple of wobbly, doodlely clouds in the meantime and these aren't all. I'll post more as splash ink washes and water colors on them.

original doodle

original doodle

original doodle
original doodle

Monday, October 4, 2010


For some reason when I look at this illustration my mind recalls the phrase chicken wing/shoulder blades, often referred to as the physique of us mysterious fellas.. I know! I know!...ANYWAY! Well, This spiffy yet startled young man is the result of me thumbing through my old sketchbooks looking for doodles to take forth another notch and apparently one of my summer sketches must have resembled this guy, KINDA CREEPY HUH! however it's an illustration in progress and I'll post more as I progress to the final piece. Try and stick around Ok!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


This post marks the beginning of my 1st ever visual essay on the little characters we often ignore, wipe away, walk over and sometimes even step on, in our kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, etc. (HOW RUDE!!!) These guys are everywhere just waiting to be noticed and I'm on the prowl looking for them to bring to you. This is the shape of which my friend Cymon was found, the 1st study of the character safari visual essay thats being documented from the Metz Hall Studio Space. In the words of Professor Joel Priddy: We see faces everywhere, We see faces in burrito wrappers and mudd puddles. I definitely agree and the same thing goes for these funny little characters I find with big tales to tell.
Cymon, here was found hanging out in the studio space of Metz Hall minding his own business, fascinated by his attire and tacky look I just had to inquire. He stood tall and slender, with a pale off white skin tone, black facial hair, a orange head of hair and a unibrow. He looks sort of like a hobo but obviously better, fitted in a dark yellow rubber suit with duck fin boots and a blank cold stare, Exploring the mysterious environment he had a few question and I had some of my own. More character studies of the character are soon to come and hopefully a compositional study with him and supporting characters from the story SKY SHIP which is the next project Im working on.