Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Doodle Day's 1st batch of doodlings

Of the day I declared doodle day these are the first batch of aimless doodles I completed, focusing on just putting done more ink and not being as careful as I'd normally be while inking, These guys were just for fun and more fun. So there you have it, some of these guys actually have great form and happy mistakes as our late friend Mr. Bob Ross would say. I'll try an keep doing these on Sundays for practice purposes. All of these aimless doodled characters still remain the property of MINE, Devin D. Taylor and should not be taken and or used from this blog without my permission. Thanks!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Super Hero: Reverend Al Sharpton

After I started drawing this guy he kinda sort of started to resemble Reverend Al Sharpton, which I thought was funny so I had to post it..... Or Is it just me? I think The Reverend will make a pretty decent hero of many opinions.

Here's a touch of my quick doggie sketches rendered in pen and ink, just for fun i give you some of our coolest best friends, droolers, and entertainer all together in the Coton-de-tulear, Commodore, and Irish Water Spaniel.