Saturday, September 11, 2010


This post marks the beginning of my 1st ever visual essay on the little characters we often ignore, wipe away, walk over and sometimes even step on, in our kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, etc. (HOW RUDE!!!) These guys are everywhere just waiting to be noticed and I'm on the prowl looking for them to bring to you. This is the shape of which my friend Cymon was found, the 1st study of the character safari visual essay thats being documented from the Metz Hall Studio Space. In the words of Professor Joel Priddy: We see faces everywhere, We see faces in burrito wrappers and mudd puddles. I definitely agree and the same thing goes for these funny little characters I find with big tales to tell.
Cymon, here was found hanging out in the studio space of Metz Hall minding his own business, fascinated by his attire and tacky look I just had to inquire. He stood tall and slender, with a pale off white skin tone, black facial hair, a orange head of hair and a unibrow. He looks sort of like a hobo but obviously better, fitted in a dark yellow rubber suit with duck fin boots and a blank cold stare, Exploring the mysterious environment he had a few question and I had some of my own. More character studies of the character are soon to come and hopefully a compositional study with him and supporting characters from the story SKY SHIP which is the next project Im working on.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


What sort of illustrator are you? I'd have to say Im a very Imaginative illustrator with a considerable and unique approach to creating illustrations and characters with the most amazing stories to tale if I can only remember the correctly to pass on to you that is.

What sort of career do you want to have? One word, Successful, that along with a historical career as a Children Book Illustrators and the creator of funny and appealing drawings for centuries.

Does your present body of work reflect your aspirations? Could it do so more strongly? List ten images/ themes/techniques/subjects/formats/ that your portfolio needs in order to become more in line with your aspirations.

IMAGES:full color, editorial, spot illustrations, 3d+2d, sketchy, black and white, environmental studies, children book comps, mixed media, design, and character creation and digital paintings

Themes: The way they see it(kids), how I see it(SHAPES), what the world needs, my super ego, christmas story, Fashion Daze(The things people wear:the good, bad, and the ugly, Unordinary Thought, Offensive Remarks, Sports, Illustrated Dreams.

SUBJECTS: Children, Animals, Hip Hop, Journalism, History, Memorable Times, Science, Current Events, Traveling Sites, Fiction...... and whatever else comes to mind.

Techniques: 2d/3d digital painting, pen and ink, brush and ink, colored line art, water color, oil painting, collage, color inks, gouache, and loose inking

Formats: comic, graphic novel, magazine, toy designs, cover designs, tattoo art, product designs, panel paintings, page layouts and large scale collage illustrations.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

POST 5: Continued.....

There's a genius For your eyes to peep.....


1. If you had to spend the rest of your life illustrating one book, what would be? Why? One book?hmmmm......! If I had to illustrate any one story for the remaining of my life it would be "Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus", by Mo Willems. The book is so adorable and the pigeon is an outstanding actor for the kids to relate to and for an artist to portray as a kid, the simple yet catchy story has unlimited possibilities and kids have continuos insane, funny things to portray through the hilarious pigeon, so therefore this story will be my first choice if I had to work on one particular project the rest of my life. Children Books also known as funny books depending upon the story, are to be remembered and relative to young readers as well as Parents, and The Phrase kids do the funniest things is so true and a relative topic when writing children books. Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, is one heck of a story to make it all happen over and over again and a must read numerous times.

2. If you could go apprentice with any two artist's in the history of the world, who would they be? Why? Again I have to mention Mo Willems, for the reason that his approach to writing and drawing children books is so simplified, interesting, and delightful, but altogether successful and thats the goal of any writer. His approach has constructed a different format to the profession and made it even more memorable than stories prior to his career, simple characters and relative writing makes up for the perfect story to revisit again and again. Last but definitely not Least the second Apprenticeship would have to be under Maurice Sendak, the explanation of this choice could be defended with one title, Where The Wild Thing Are, however you must learn the history of the elder geniuses and combine there wisdom with your creative knowledge and what do you have other than pure magic.

3.If you were banned from the art world, but could have any career you wanted that wasn't in art, what would it be? Why? More than likely I would be a Poet or some type of writer, Me being the person I am, I must have a way to vent, release my anger, inner feelings and pain so what other way to create a visual picture of your world for the public than creative writing.

4. Project Proposal: 1. You have one month and one thousand dollars(all of which must be spent on art expenses). If I had such a small amount of time and only one thousand dollars, I would purchase the supplies and organize a art convention for young children ages 3-10 and allow them to make art for display for any purpose they want.

2. Six months and ten thousand dollars. If had such an opportunity I would propose the Idea of a project that focuses on the success of young parenting couples and most definitely younger fathers. The idea will be constructed and formatted in a illustrated novel presentation complete with helpful information and wisdom from a young man that doesn't have kids as of yet but has the potential to be the perfect father.

3. One year and one hundred thousand dollars. With one hundred grand I'd attempt to assemble my own self promotional card company to focus on relationship themes be it, Lovers , Father/Daughter, Mother/Son or vice versa, and so forth and so on. I'd purchase all of the proper equipment for an independent company to successfully run and, use the remaining funds for materials to afford freelance efforts and painting to earn currency to promote the proposal towards up and running companies as well as affordable funds for a Building .

My Magazine Proposal : YOUNG WORLD

If I had the opportunity to present my own personal magazine it more than likely be a KIDZ MAGAZINE, title YOUNG WORLD and it would focus on the insider of selected children stories and dreams, whether it's future goals or current focus. The goal would be to uplift and inspire readers from 4 -12 to understand at an early age that any career choice is possible. Children need a more organized magazine that features there wants and also offers little/ big opportunities from contest, jobs of their interest and age range, trivial games, and back down to coloring pages. A magazine with something for every age around 4-12. The magazine would feature the art of young artist and promising ideas and writings of young writers with the assistance of behind the scenes Adult editors that will allow the children to express themselves freely but in a proper manner, and yet attractive to parents. The configuration of the magazine will feature an outstanding child star of various cities around the globe on ever published cover and half fundable to a non-profit organization that focuses on the same theme.