Tuesday, August 31, 2010

List Of Magazine/Info I'd consider working for...

1. THE SOURCE , Art Director/Don Morris, Contact: WWW.THESOURCE.COM

2. Southern Lady, Art Director/Jennifer Richburg, Contact: southernlady@hoffmanmedia.com
Jamieson 1900 International Park Drive. Suite 50, Birmingham, AL 35243 Phone:205-995-8860, 888-411-8995

3. Ebony, Art Director/Ingrid R. Larkin, Assistant Art Director/ Lynnette L. Gailbuy
Contact: New York Office- 212/397-4500 Chicago Office- 312/322-9200

4. Oprah, Art Director/Jody Churchfield, Assistant Art Director/Carolyn Wilsey, Art Intern/Jenna Halbert, Contact: Editorial Consultant/Ellen Levine

5. Better Homes & Gardens, Art Director/Shelley Caldwell, Scott Johnson, Kazla Jo Knipper
Assistant Art Director/Amy Deering
Contact: 1716 Locust St, Des Moines, IA 50309-3023

6. TIME, Art Director/Arthur Hochstein, Contact: TIME.COM

7. Popular Mechanics, Art Director/Peter Herbert, Assistant Art Director/Mike Ley
Contact: Popular Mechanics, 3ooW. 57th St. New York, NY 10019-5899, Include Your Name and Number, letters maybe edited.

8. Rolling Stone, Art Director/ Joseph Hutchinson, Senior Art Director/Steven Charny

9. Sports Illustrated, Art Director/Suzanne Noli

10. Money, Art Director/Tom O' Quinn, Contact: CNNMONEY.COM

Art of Harry Bliss

Mr. Cool Toes, Harry Bliss....

Art of Jean Corace


Art of Joel Priddy

Wait! over there!, I think I know this guy, his face looks familiar....That Jacket!....and the Hair...I do know him, He's my Crime Fighting Professor. Joel Priddy!!!!!

Art of Betsy Lewin

Say Cheese Betsy Lewin

Her Caldecott Honor Click Clack Moo: Cows that type

Art of Sergio Ruzzier

One twig at a time now....

Sketch Page for his Children Book, Hey Rabbit!

Sergio Ruzzier ....

Art of Delphine Durand

Ya see we artist sketch on anything in our reach if it calls for it, here is a sketch by Delphine Durand on a napkin.

The character of Delphine Durand, A French Illustrator that grabbed my attention by this simply pair shaped fella. Better known as Big Rabbit.....

Art by Gary Baseman

Thats Funny.....LOL!

Art by David Goldin



My Copy of The Wall by Peter Sis...

Peter Sis at focus...
A couple of the books I own by Mo!
The Main Man, Mo!
1. List Ten Illustrators whose work you admire, or whose career you would like to emulate.
Ten Illustrators I'd have no problem switching shoes with are as follows: 1. Mo Willems, 2. Peter Sis, 3. David Goldin, 4.Gary Baseman, 5. Delphine Durand, 6. Sergio Ruzzier, 7. Betsy Lewin, 8. Joel Priddy, 9. Jean Corace, 10. Harry Bliss

Sketch Study for Kat Shape...

Comic: The Fly Guys

Monday, August 30, 2010

Album Cover for All Eyez on Me(2 disc Album)
A poem by 2pac (In the Event on My Demise) Take this poem for what it's worth......Man! was this dude a blessing to our world, No doubt about it!

One Of 2pacs many songs that get the juices flowing.....

Rapper, Actor, Poet, and Prophet 2pac Amura Shakur